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Capital: Ciudad de Ica

267 miles from Lima

Altitude: 406 m.s.n.m

The department of Ica is located on the south coast

central Peruvian coast. He was considered the center where the important pre-Inca Nazca civilization (300 BC) and Paracas (700 BC).

Men Paracas Trephinations practiced in life, with obsidian knives, and reached a great development in textile art.

For its part, the Nasca culture noted for his admirable knowledge of hydraulic engineering, building aqueducts and underground channels reinforced with stone interior walls and ceilings huarango.

Ica is known as the region of sand and sea, oases and valleys. In addition to pisco, wine and popular devotions, the Lord of Luren or Yauca Sanctuary.

Getting there

The city is well served by the Pan American Highway. The route Lima - Ica (300 km) on the South Pan-American Highway last 4 h approx. car.

It also has a small airport, from where expeditions to largely leave Nasca.Existe Lines air taxi service operating from Lima to Ica. They also fly over the Nazca lines locally.

There are two airfields in the department of Ica:

The airfield near Hotel Las Dunas, 5 km from Ica.

Maria Reiche Neuman Airfield at km 447 of the Panamericana Sur Highway (Nasca).

Tourist Attractions

It is interesting to visit:

  • Plaza de Armas
  • Sanctuary of the Lord of Luren
  • Regional Museum Maria Reiche
  • Engraved Stones Museum
  • Casona del Marqués de Torre Hermosa
  • Bodega Vista Alegre
  • Tacama
  • Bodega Ocucaje
  • Huacachina Lagoon
  • Nevado Ampay
  • Paracas National Reserve

It has an area of ‚√Ñ√£‚√Ñ√£3,350 hectares is one of the most important protected areas in Peru, being the only one with a marine ecosystem. The place is a refuge for sea lions, Humboldt penguins, flamingos and other birds among others. Located 250 kilometers from Lima.

From the Paracas, province of Pisco, you can visit by boat the Ballestas Islands and San Gallan, home to sea lions. On the way they see a figure of the chandelier, engraved on the side of a hill.


The Chandelier

Geoglyph rock formation eroded by wind and sea. It is more than 120 meters long which is also called Tres Cruces or Trident. The best way to see it is from the sea.

The tourist information site of the reservation is called Visitor Center and is in the 27 kilometer of the road from Pisco Puerto San Martin. Displays information about the reservation and the species it is retained. Moreover, also the Museum Julio C. Tello (beside the Visitor Center) provides representative samples of the Paracas culture like mantles, mummies and pottery.




Considered one of the most beautiful places in the Peruvian coast. Located 5 kilometers from the city of Ica, an oasis of lush vegetation (dunes, palm trees, tamarisk and eucalyptus) with sulfurous green waters of healing properties. Dunes of Ica, are considered the best place for sand-boarding.




Archeological remains of Tambo Colorado

Located 45 kilometers of the Los Libertadores. This urban center is the best preserved Inca Coast. The name of Tambo Colorado comes from the union of the Quechua word "Tampu" meaning place of rest and the Spanish word "Colorado" because of the color of its walls.


  • The wineries of Tacama, Ocucaje and Vista Alegre are just minutes away from Ica. Traditional cellars used for making wine and pisco.
  • Beaches La Mina, Lagunillas and Raspon: sandy, few waves and clear waters, ideal for recreation.
  • Yumaque Beach: preferred by swimmers. Be careful, it is a nesting place for birds.
  • The Cathedral and Los Frailes are rock formations on the coast, produced by erosion of wind and sea. You can visit the interior of the Cathedral (Dome).
  • Punta Arquillo: natural belvedere where you can see colonies of sea lions and other species.

Nazca Lines

The ancient people of the Nazca culture are a valuable archaeological legacy consists of a huge network of lines and drawings of animals and plants in an area of ‚√Ñ√£‚√Ñ√£approximately 350 square kilometers. The spectacular size and shape of the drawings.

It is located 25 kilometers from the city of Nazca, between kilometers 419 and 165 of the Panamericana Sur.

Discovered in 1927 by Toribio Mejia Xexxpe studied by Paul Kosok, and Dr. Hans Horkheirmer German Maria Reiche, the Lady of Nazca, who lived in the area for over 50 years studying and researching its origin.

To fly over the Nazca Lines is an unforgettable experience. There is also a vantage point 12 meters high, where you can see the figures of "The Hand" and "The Tree."

These giant tracks and grooves up to 30 cm depth form a huge network of lines and drawings in the sand.

The findings state, according to researcher Kosok theory, it is a giant calendar with astronomical signs, built over two thousand years.

The Nazca Lines were declared Cultural Patrimony of Humanity in 1994.



Harvest Festival (March first half)

This festival also called Vintage, celebrates the grape harvest and wine from the region of Ica. Vintage includes exhibitions, competitions, horse exhibitions in passing parades of floats, musical festivals and parties where they dance the Afro celebration.

One of the highlights of this festival is the election and coronation of the Queen of the Harvest, who accompanied by her court, treads the grapes to extract juice from the fruit will become the spirit.

The parade is organized Vintage on Main, where a group of festival queens parading in cars throwing grapes as they pass. This is a good time to try the different wines of Ica and Pisco, as well as the popular cachina, fermented liquor prepared.

Fiesta del Señor de Lauren (second and third weeks in October)

The origin of the devotion to the Lord of Luren, patron of the city of Ica, dates back to 1570 when this image was mysteriously lost in the desert during the journey from Lima to Ica and then was found in an isolated spot named Luren.

The main day of the festival, the image is taken in procession along the main streets of the city from dusk to dawn sun the next day. Hundreds of people travel to the city of Ica to join the procession, and to participate in recitation of prayers over nine days in search of special favors and show their devotion. Ica streets are filled with beautiful arches and carpets of flowers, specially made for the occasion.

Summer Festival Black / February

During this festival takes place on Afro-Peruvian dance competition. Furthermore, there are craft fairs, wine and food parades through the main streets of the city. Black Summer in Chincha (fourth week)

In the District of El Carmen, performed an entire week festival in honor of black people. Stories and poetry contests are held, as well as black dance festivals fun, enthusiastic, marches and other activities.

Ica Tourism Week / September

Ica Province.

During the week tour of Ica are carried out displays of Peruvian Paso Horses, cockfighting contests, wine, pisco tastings, walks from winery to winery and the international competition of sandboarding. In order to promote the tourist attractions of the city, Ica horse exhibitions organized by the way, wine competitions, events, degustation of pisco, hiking in wine cellars and the International Competition of Sand Boarding.

Fishermen's Festival, San Pedro and San Pablo, religious holidays (May 29)

The cove of San Andrés, Pisco, made feasts in honor of St. Peter and Paul, whose images are taken on a scenic boat ride, accompanied by bands and fishermen. The celebrations include cooking competitions featuring seafood and dishes prepared from fish, challenging the imagination of the best cooks.

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